Whether it's the beautiful town of Bel-Air, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, Westwood or any of the other beautiful areas of West Los Angeles we are proud to be the go to service for purchasing your old diamond wedding rings, engagement rings, investment grade bullion, melee, or loose diamonds. Going into the local jewelry store may be embrassing and the offer you receive if any at all is typically not on par with what it's true wholesale re-sale value is. Working with Losangelesdiamonds.net whose headquarters is downtown and our local offices are in West LA so we can set you up with a private appointment to purchase your rings, jewelry, or stones.

You can fill out our free diamond price quote above or call and make an appointment so that we can appraise your items and make you a hard cash offer. If you have any fancy colored stones or are unsure of the items that you would like to sell for cash than just contact us and set up an appointment.

Cities Served in West L.A :